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Formitalia Luxury Group is luxury interiors and accessories for exclusive homes, hotels, executive offices & yachts.

The story of Formitalia, which belongs to the brothers David and Gianni Overi, is a story of successful items as well as of winning insights that have been able to become a real system of total living completely MADE IN ITALY that reaches the furniture of prestigious villas in the most exclusive places and also the carrying out of hotels and cultural centers all over the world.

The Formitalia Group was founded by Graziano Overi in 1968 , while the first design collection Formitalia created in 1991, that is Boutique Collection, is still a success of the production by Formitalia: it is characterized by prints and details that remind the world of horses, with prints of profiles of Arabian horses made of pure silk from Como, and by works on metals and leather that Florentine craftsmen carry out. This success has been reached thanks to the deep knowledge of hides, to the selection of the most valuable tannings that are processed with crocodile and ostrich prints in order to highlight the mood that has given the key imprint to the Formitalia brand.

All the productions are made mainly in Tuscan region, in the cities of Firenze, Prato, Pistoia and Pisa, Formitalia stakes on leather and on any possible use of it: from the living area to the big and sophisticated bedrooms, the Formitalia style makes your house be unique, precious, cosmopolite, elegant, warm and cosy.

In 2002 Formitalia acquired the Mirabili Arte d’Abitare brand, the collection of furniture and art multiples, created by Sergio Cammilli in 1980. The collection comprises limited edition works of art by 38 internationally known artists.

In 2005 the brand Tonino Lamborghini merged with Formitalia Luxury Group in order to allow to widen up the range of the collections with fierce pierces of home and office furniture lined with leather with bright and quivering colors, inspired by the world of engines, of course.

In 2008 the takeover of the brand Miami Swing by Renzo Arbore took place and the names of Renzo Arbore, Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri joined up with the brands of Formitalia Luxury Group: the Miami Swing collection.

In 2011 the collaboration with the prestigious English motor company Aston Martin started for the exclusive production and marketing of the new furniture collection Aston Martin Interiors. This line distinguishes as an integrated solution of home, office and contract offers complete with accessories and lighting.

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