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Herstal has existed for many years with the same proud family traditions. This is a result of their many years of experience with lighting and design. The Herstal lighting philosophy is to guarantee the right light and contemporary technology in the characteristic and elegant Herstal design.

The recognizable and characteristic Herstal universe was created from the idea of light as center. Fascinating lamps with luminaire focus in great quality.

For almost 30 years, Herstal has created interior designs which are functional and valuable for their customers. They believe in beautiful designs at affordable prices.

Herstal Living is a universe of interior design. They focus on products for everyday use which meet the needs of the Scandinavian people. Through the years, the characteristic Herstal universe has been a great part of many Scandinavian homes. It is homes that all wish to have a simple, classic and stylish look.

Herstal Living creates everyday elements with contemporary materials and eye for details. All products are carefully made to secure their values of classic designs that always will satisfy.

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