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The Spanish company Llinas was founded in 1975. Llinas produces both lamps and bathroom accessories, but the main specialization of the company is electrical fittings in the "retro" style. These were the first European switches: round, with a rotary handle or button, mounted on a metal or wooden base.

Llinas - gorgeous retro style porcelain switches and sockets designed for surface and concealed installation will find their application in any room, and retro style decorative wire and porcelain insulators will add sophistication and zest to your interior. All Llinas series of wiring products are available for order: Record and Ideal - sockets and switches made of porcelain - the best option for hidden or exposed wiring with decorative frames made of porcelain and wood in different colors - Habibat, Forja and City.

All Llinas products are made only from high quality materials: porcelain, metal, glass, wood and others. The uncompromising quality of the quality of Llinas electrical fittings lies in the accuracy of all switching, in the ideal design of each product and ease of use for each user. Llinas will be the best choice for a designer, architect, as well as a customer who wants to fill their project with elegance, special charm - whatever it may be.

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