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Morello Gianpaolo was established in the ’70s as a small production workshop for upholstered furniture which, in this part of the Veneto, is an ancient traditional craft.
Passion for the craft means being able to listen to a customer’s requests, treasure the most particular needs and turn them into quality products: passion for the craft means continuously growing and improving.

That is how, with the passage of time, the Morello Gianpaolo name became synonymous with quality and customer service.
New designs and styles of furniture are introduced, the choice of polishes is expanded and special, unique lacquering is created. Fabrics are ever more exquisite, coming from the best European fairs and the latest collections of the most popular weaves.

The constant desire to improve and renew brings the Morello Gianpaolo brand to a leadership position in the international furniture sector, retaining the character of tradition and the characteristic of hand crafted furniture.

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