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Founded in 1987, VIBIA is a design-oriented lighting manufacturer based in Barcelona. The company operates in more than 60 countries around the world, including exclusive distributors and a subsidiary in New Jersey, USA.

All VIBIA products are registered original designs. Twenty teams of product design and interior design professionals are behind VIBIA products. They all provide creativity, freshness and a certain mischievousness, always at the service of VIBIA’s coherence in terms of criteria, values and identity.

VIBIA’s mission is to provide the right solution in terms of light, inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both, consumers and professionals, with a unique range of lighting products, designed in collaboration with well renowned designers and architects.

With its fresh and new designs, VIBIA explores how to awaken the emotion and surprise of each space through its collections. In doing so, its high level of technical ability plays a fundamental role, generating invisible technology that allows the enchanting and magical effect of its light fixtures.

Each section of VIBIA catalogue (Ceiling, Wall, Hanging, Floor, Table, Bathroom, and Outdoor) provides solutions in accordance with each basic lighting function, such as general, indirect or accent lighting, reading lights, orientation and beaconing.

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