Landa Italy Lead time 60 days

Landa is situated in Lumezzane, Brescia, an area of northern Italy well known for the entrepreneurial spirit of its people, which has made this area very successful in many fields.

Landa Illuminotecnica was founded in 1987 and has made itself known on the outdoor and external lighting market, both in Europe and Worlwide, with a comprehensive range of lighting products.

All production stages are carried out within the factory bound, so that every step, from production to delivery, can be carefully monitored.

Step by step products by Landa Illuminotecnica have been developed according to the demand of the market and upon suggestions of our reliable and trustful customers, achieving the aim to offer a very comprehensive range which can surely meet the various requirements of architects, lighting consultants, end consumers, specifying in their aim to highlight residential, private or public landscapes. Bollards, drive-and walkover in ground up lighters, wall recessed fixtures, poles, wall lights or bulkheads : you have nothing but the choice to select your products and of course the material: aluminium, stainless steel 316, look-like wood, all of them carefully selected and submitted to proper surface ROHC treatments allowing to withstand atmospheric agents. All products have been tested and they are in accordance to the general safety standards as far as allowed temperatures, corrosion resistance are concerned.

Landa's team seeks to fulfil customers' needs as well as trying to anticipate future market needs and trends. This continuous effort has enabled to achieve constant growth in an increasingly competitive market.

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