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STUA is a Spanish furniture factory that specializes in the production of furniture for offices, cafes, hotels and other public interiors. The assortment of the factory includes tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, dressers. Each product is the result of the development of our own design studio. Her approach to design combines the principles of simplicity, durability and versatility, which has made the company and products widely popular not only in Spain but throughout the world. The most recognizable piece of furniture developed by the STUA design studio is the Globus chair.

The philosophy of the STUA factory is a combination of high aesthetic principles and technological excellence. The main range of STUA furniture offered is tables and chairs, both for dining compositions and for decorating office spaces and conference rooms. There is always an element of innovation and originality in STUA products, and special attention is paid to the shape of the models.

A wide selection of furniture for cafes and restaurants, interior and exterior items will satisfy even the most picky customer. STUA furniture is also suitable for residential premises, as well as for various projects.

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