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The Jago Rovai company has been working in the market of decorative artistic plaster stucco for over 50 years, preserving the ancient traditions of architectural art that have been handed down from generation to generation, which allows to maintain the high quality of the product.

Today, Jago Rovai offers ready-made original ideas for architects, designers and decorators who want to use extra-class materials in their projects. In their catalogs you will find a wide range of products. Decorative, artistic stucco work with crackled lacquering and hand made decorations – frames for mirrors, cornices, tiles, supports, ceiling-roses, lacunar ceiling, baroque ceiling.

Whether the application is columns to support architraves or vases in wall niches, for fireplace decorations or hand-decorated medallions, Jago Rovai has the new ideas and products that lovingly carry on the centuries old traditions of Tuscan “masters of stuccowork”. The surface of the finished gypsum products is easily painted: you can use paint of one tone or apply a complex pattern, for example, create an imitation of the surface of a metal, stone or wood – where it is not possible to use these materials or following the design of the author of the interior.

Every detail of the Jago Rovai product is additionally reinforced with fiberglass. A special gypsum mixture gives the products strength and subtlety of the lines.

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