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Bonaldo, founded in 1936, is a prime example of what Made in Italy really means. Even when products are distributed abroad, everything is made in Italy to ensure authenticity and high quality, which is a result of the strictest control process.

Bonaldo has always been involved in experimentation: sixty years ago it began with its range of tubular metal applications and today it conducts wide-ranging research into plastics, the use of different alloys and the use of materials such as pressure cast aluminium, flexible cold-pressed polyurethane and propylene. The company has a high-tech focus, however it entrusts fundamental planning and production stages to human skill.

The Bonaldo collection expresses continuously developing modernity, a path that attributes value to the experimentation of new materials and to partnerships with the best national and international designers. Many of its tables, chairs, sofas and beds have won international awards for their quality and their design.

Apart from authenticity and craftsmanship, Bonaldo is known for creating modern and eclectic products. In 1996, Bonaldo won the Young & Design Award for the folding chair Piu design by Chiaramonte and Marin. In 2010, the Big Table was recognised all over the world as the iconic example of a Bonaldo product. It is highly admired for its innovative approach to reinventing a classic dining table. In 2013, a few of its tables bagged different awards. The Still Table, Bartoli design, received the Red Dot Design Award and the 2012 Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum. The Welded Table received the "Best of the Best" Red Dot Design Award. In 2014, the Octa Table received the 2013 Good Design Award.

Bonaldo is a brand that continues to be one of the main players in Italian design and production.

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