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The Italian company Spazio Luce was found more than 50 years ago. Initially, it was engaged in the production of classical lamps of the highest quality. Today it is one of the major manufacturers of models of original forms and solutions. In the range of the manufacturer you can find luxurious chandeliers in a classic style, amazing wall lamps, designer lamps, unusually beautiful ceiling models.

Spazio Luce presents an extensive catalogue of lighting items with a very good value for money. Lamps that embody trends and material research, ready to be welcomed into your homes and to become part of your daily life. The items are created from the combination of elements such as blown glass, crystal, metals, fabrics. The wide range of patterns and colour solutions allow to choose the most suitable article to enhance your environments.

For many years of fruitful work, the masters of Spazio Luce have managed to accumulate valuable experience in the implementation of the most extraordinary and bold ideas. Creativity and professionalism, the ability to switch from one concept to another with lightning speed, extraordinary flexible solutions to various problems, continuous improvement and development of capacities allowed not only to expand production and increase the number of lighting fixtures supplied, but to raise their quality to a new level.

The use of innovative technologies has opened up new opportunities for the implementation of the most extraordinary and sometimes paradoxical ideas. It is worth noting that the unique ideas of Spazio Luce masters were often copied by other brands and were presented as their own or even worse – Spazio Luce products. Today, the company has an active policy for the protection of commercial rights and patents each new creation. This led to the complete disappearance of low-quality fakes.

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