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The history of Laurameroni begins in April 2000 with the official presentation in Milan during the Furniture Salon. A distinctive feature of the factory is the uniqueness and originality, both in interior items and in the collection of interior doors.

The distinction of the Laurameroni factory is in decorative incisions made using a special technology on both sides of the canvas on interior doors and partitions in such valuable species as rosewood, wenge, maple, walnut, cherry, oak and teak. In addition to rare beauty, the signature style is hidden and reinforced hinges. In sliding constructions, the technical capabilities allow covering the space up to 5 m in width and 3 m in height with "blind" canvases.

Laurameroni is an innovative factory that has managed to create its own unique image in the rich world of design. The factory's products are distinguished by strict volumes, modern proportions, originality of every detail and special surface treatment.

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