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Since 1987 Visual Comfort & Co. has been the leader in the lighting industry for impeccable design, immaculate finishes, and the caliber of production.The best possible light should be expressive, functional, and suited to your environment. Lighting will not only shape a room, but also illuminate your style.

For over thirty years Visual Comfort have produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design. Lighting can turn a room into a living work of art and makes it livable. The art of lighting can work for you.

The way lighting looks is as important as what kind of light it provides. A beautiful lamp can extend the style of a room, or it can interject a design accent. Good lighting should be equally fashionable and functional: the most special and attractive hardware in a room.

Find fine traditional and contemporary Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Pendants, Outdoor Lighting and Table Lamps from Visual Comfort in popular collections.

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