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TPB tech, the first invisible induction surface you can cook on !  

Since 2012, TPB Tech has been developing a range of induction worktops that are stronger, more efficient and more practical than other induction hobs on the market. Invisible Induction Cooktop  is the first of its kind in the world and allows for a truly unique cooking experience and kitchen space.

Whether you are cooking professionally or at home, TPB Tech can create the optimum induction cooktop for your kitchen.

The cooking top and controls on this hob are incorporated into the  laminated slab giving a combined cooking and working area with an aesthetic appeal given by the Ascaceramic top layer. This area can be used to cook, cut and eat, this makes the benchtop more functional & hygenic. 

The induction technology means that the area is instantly cool as soon as the hob is powered off (under most cooking situations). The benchtop comes with either two or four inductions. This hob is a show stopper and really impresses everyone who sees it, the induction technology works quickly and efficiently and the range of colours means you can personalise your benchtop to suit. Universal Granite also stocks Ascale slabs so you can match the rest of your surfaces to your hob.

Ascale porcelain is environmentally friendly and easy to keep hygenically clean. The induction technology comes in 11 colors from the Ascale range.

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