XAL Austria Lead time 60 days

XAL produces lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and housings. The chief executive officers are Michael Engel, Harald Dirnberger and Christian Schraml. The company is headquartered in Graz, Austria. Here the company was founded by Andreas and Claudia Hierzer in 1989.

Since then XAL has become a global company with about 1000 employees, its own research, production and distribution premises at 9 international locations and a network of partners in more than fifty countries. XAL have acquired such an extensive competence portfolio and therefore XAL is able to find and implement the best lighting solution – always and everywhere.

XAL already integrated all the requirements of LED technology into its existing development and production processes at an early stage many years ago. That’s why XAL can draw on a complete array of resources today. Enjoy the benefi ts of LED technology with XAL. You’re in excellent hands.

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