Exteta Italy Lead time 80 days

Since its creation, Exteta is synonymous with high quality wood. Exteta use Sapelli Mahogany only. Beautiful finishing and shades: the mahogany quality used by Exteta is Sapelli only. The most beautiful and refined Sapelli quality and takes the name by the very thin veins that are similar to thin hairs (Sapelli, in Pidgin English). Its color may vary from yellow to red. Thanks to the high density, the Sapelli Mahogany is not easily assailable by parasites and is very resistant the accidental shocks, as the traditional boat use proof. This is one of the most stable woods in nature. Exteta uses FSC-certified Mahogany only. Only the trees indicated by the FSC association are chosen and the selected trees are immediately re-planted.

Exteta uses Sunbrella fabrics. The Sunbrella® fabrics are created for the open air use. The cloth produced in 100% acrylic dyed in mass binds together resistance, comfort and easily cleaning.

At the base of the project is Exteta "Zen Line" by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, which can be seen and used as living, dining, spa, bedroom, shower, for endless ways to enjoy the art of living outdoor. And size does not have limits. Just as dreams.

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