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Spreading the values of beauty, livability and utility: this is the idea that accompanies the entire Pianca's history, a family of businessman since two generations, from 1946 to present. Pianca is an important and well-known Italian industrial reality in the field of house systems and accessories, it's characterized by an elegant and simple taste, and it's recognized for its capacity of synthesis, continuous innovation and coherence with its history and its identity.

Today Pianca, can be proud of a sales proceed of 40 millions of euro, growing of the 100% in 10 years, and sustained by an increasing internal demand and with exports in more than 50 counties around the world. A commercial net of 60 agents in Italy and 22 agents abroad guarantees a widespread distribution, with more than 1000 shops in our peninsula and more than 500 sellers around the world. Moreover, in the 75.000 square meters of production factories in Gaiarine, in the district of Treviso, more than 250 employee are working, searching for beauty applied to functionality, to improve people's life.

Pianca work with respect for man and the environment at every stage of production. Wood for Pianca comes from certified forests, with controlled harvesting against deforestation, and panels are free from toxic adhesives. Pianca was the first to use water-based glossy lacquers instead of polyurethane varnishes – still an absolute plus for company – both for our employees' health, and to reduce pollution in the home. Pianca's factories are 60% self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption, thanks to the use of photovoltaic solar panels. Offcuts are used to produce energy to heat kilns, and packaging systems are 100% recyclable.

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