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Uffix company founded in 1963. Joint efforts UFFIX P and design company PININFARINA created a brand new, original generation of products in the segment of office furniture. Products Uffix - it's not just elements of the situation, but also the expression of innovative aesthetic style, creating a personalized space filling.

Uffix is a modern and dynamic company specialized in the design and manufacturing of office furniture, which operates according to a specific philosophy: the search of unparalleled quality, by using top class raw materials in order to get to the highest standards as far as aesthetic aspect, functionality and comfort are concerned. The wide range of collections is a perfect synthesis of the elements which make "made in Italy" products famous worldwide: imagination, creativity, innovation, quality materials and state-of-the-art technological standards.

Varnished wooden surfaces - are finished with dyes and varnishes that are resistant to all common chemical agents, provided that contact is not prolonged. The modern varnishes combine a good resistance of the surfaces with the inevitable colour change caused by the exposition to light slowing down its effect. Laminate or melamine surfaces - are treated with melaminic resins that possess a high surface resistance to abrasions and scratches and cannot be altered by light. Glass surfaces - cleaning of the glass surfaces can be done with all types of specific products, to be absolutely avoided are those abrasive or with and oily base. More care must be taken in the cleaning of the sandblasted and acid-etched inferior surface, for which we suggest to use a damp cloth. Metal parts - these are treated with epoxy powders or with galvanic bath varnishes, are highly resistant and have the same surface resistance of metals.

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