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The renowned Italian factory La Cividina was founded in Friuli Venezia Giulia in 1976. Now it is a large company producing high class sofas and chairs for private and public interiors. The successful selection of materials, modern design solutions and excellent product quality have made La Cividina world famous.

La Cividina is characterised by an ongoing intense search for ideal proportions and new colours. The emphasis is on creating a relaxed environment and exquisite style. La Cividina furniture is an up-to-date look at the concept of a modern chair. As a result of intellectual dialogue, perfect objects appear, demonstrating the recognisable handwriting of La Cividina - the harmony of art, technology and ergonomics.

The furniture of the La Cividina factory is distinguished by its brightness and creative forms, which are created for modern interiors. In addition to sofas and armchairs, La Cividina produces tables, chairs, sun loungers, benches and poufs, which complete the basic range and allow you to decorate the living room, the main room in the house, in the same style.

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