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The Veneran factory was established in the first half of the 60s and has been family-run since then. The company has its own unique style and is one of the leaders in the market for modern, refined designer furniture. In order for Veneran products to be of high quality and reliable, only modern innovative technologies, high-quality materials (oak, hazel, teak, glass, leather, fabric), valuable finishes are used.

Veneran creates a variety of furniture: furniture for dressing rooms, living rooms, cabinet furniture, as well as upholstered furniture for living rooms and bedrooms. The main focus of the company is on modern technologies and their subtle combination with manual labor. Bright contrasts, thin lines, clarity and dynamism of forms are very characteristic of each Veneran composition, saturated with nobility and simplicity at the same time.

A modern functional home, according to Veneran designers, is a mixture of minimalism and sophisticated taste. The main character of Veneran interiors is light and space. The owners of Veneran furniture are dynamic and active romantics. If you understand the beauty expressed in two lines and like to breathe deeply, then Veneran furniture is your choice.

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