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The OAK furniture factory is located in the Brianza area 35 km from Milan and is synonymous with quality furniture. The OAK factory has earned a prestigious status thanks to a long tradition of handmade furniture and craftsmanship in this area.

The OAK furniture factory manufactures exclusive and high-quality upholstered furniture. Thanks to the fact that experienced designers cooperate with the factory, OAK furniture is original and unique. The main activity of the company is the production of sofas and beds, in addition, OAK furniture can decorate offices and dining rooms. All the furniture produced by the factory is distinguished by its unique design, functionality, reliability and comfort in use. OAK furniture is made using expensive materials and fittings, including silk, precious metals, leather, glass and brocade.

OAK has a structure consisting of three divisions providing services and products from different areas of interior decoration. OAK Contract specialises in turnkey projects. OAK Classic provides a wide range of furniture - retro and classic style. OAK Design represents the perception of modern and luxurious interiors. These three divisions have been developed to find effective solutions to the demanding needs of an international clientele that is constantly looking for the best, both in terms of quality and style, as well as in terms of service and competence.

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