Ulivi Italy Lead time 80 days

Ulivi, which is today a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, was created in 1972 in the heart of Tuscany, the region well known worldwide as the cradle of Italian art and culture, and the source of a unique and unmistakable lifestyle.

The constant goal is to present a contemporary style, capable of keeping itself up to date and fresh over time, and ready to offer the best quality standards.

Ulivi Salotti has always meant quality materials and artisan work. Even today, the production process is entirely managed inside the main company building, where each phase of production is carefully checked for every item, from the design until the final market introduction of all our creations.

Almost 50 years and two generations have been spent to acquire unique experience and precious skills that are able to ensure the best quality, and a craftsmanship that gives to the entire production an unmistakable look.

Every product by Ulivi Salotti goes much beyond its pure appearance: everything is made to guarantee a long lasting and aesthetic beauty, aiming to offer a design which always cares the maximum comfort.

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