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Passion and experience, tradition, design, quality, nature and colour are the core elements of Ethimo: the brand of outdoor furniture which takes the italian design to the most beautiful places in the world, recreating the charm of the mediterranean style far and wide.

Take style outdoors with the Ethimo garden furniture collection. The range is the result of a family journey that started over 30 years ago, where Ethimo outdoor garden furniture was created to welcome visitors to Moutan Botanical Centre garden that lies in the Italian countryside between Tuscany and Umbria.

Ethimo promotes minimal impact to the environment, observing the parameters of eco-compatibility. Ethimo’s teak is of the highest quality and only selected from plantations that follow strict re-forestation regulations. Ethimo’s aluminium and steel undergo special non-toxic treatments and paintings, while EtWick and LightWick fibres are completely recyclable.

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