Bruno Zampa Italy Lead time 80 days

Created back in 1960, Bruno Zampa aims since its origin to the preciousness of its own production and to the excellence of the Italian craftsmanship.

Bruno Zampa's collections are the natural development of exclusive planning thoughts, born from a professional and creative force, supported by productive skills, as an evolution of the real Italian craftsmanship. The décor style is the tangible reflection of the soul of those who live in the house.

Aurea by Bruno Zampa is a philosophy, it is a precious vision of the living. The elegant style finds its inspirational source in the classical order, amplifying the timeless soul of this line formed by unique pieces created following the precepts of the Italian craftsmanship.

Avantgarde by Bruno Zampa is a chameleonic soul able to transform itself in a unique dream through the strength of an ever recognizable style. In between the references to the classical inspiration, sleek traits emerge, modern interpretation of the excellence of the Italian Style. A line that is citizen of the world, with an impulsive and unique personality.

Flawless symbol of the Italian lifestyle, Bruno Zampa takes its original Style to the most prestigious mansions worldwide, transforming with its furniture the contemporary living in the highest creative expression.

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