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Eurolampart was established in 1975 and has since then exemplified the Florentine tradition of hand-made wrought iron products. The product range includes lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall-brackets, standing-lamps and small furniture such as chairs, tables, mirrors and more.

Every detail of Eurolampart products undergoes strict quality control at all stages of production. The lamp is often a combination of such materials as forged metal, Murano glass and crystal. By decorating are used Foil gold and silver, on the top - finishing varnish. The company offers a wide range of colors and can produce the models according to the customer’s wish.

With a responsibility to maintain the reputation of Italian design around the world, Eurolampart applies meticulous quality processes. All the products are certified CE for the European market and for the company is certified UL for the American market.

Eurolampart designers do not only preserve the uniqueness and originality of style, but also offer new ideas that are full of passion and inspiration. Harmonious balance of classic and the present can be seen in all lamps and chandeliers. Especially beautiful is a reasonable combination of elements of wrought iron and Murano glass. In this synthesis is success of all models by Eurolampart.

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