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Guerra Vanni is a family business founded in 1962 in the heart of Veneto. Over the years passion, desire and the hard work of the whole family led to the consolidation of a modern and dynamic company. Nowadays the third generation proudly represents the business. The Company is specialized in custom furniture and guarantee the quality of an original Made in Italy luxury product.

For more than half a century history of the firm from the Veneto region has come a long way, eventually going out on one level with the best manufacturers in Italy and Europe, conquered many countries in the world with its charm and wonderfully comfortable style, developing and improving. The classical direction, which is a basic when creating models of the brand Guerra Vanni, never goes out of fashion and, therefore, has a huge number of admirers around the world. In addition to this style are used and other not less attractive, for example, art Deco.

Elegant Italian furniture, created by the talented team of factory Guerra Vanni, can decorate a room of your house or apartment. Due to a rather wide range, attractive designs and high reliability models of this brand have become very popular among private buyers from various countries of Europe and the world. The range offered by Guerra Vanni furniture is quite wide, covers bedroom, living room, study, dining room, – in short, it is possible to create a complete and holistic interior of many rooms. Beautiful finishes, including luxury inlay, plenty of manual work to ensure the exclusivity of each product, an attractive design is rightly equate this furniture the best examples of an elite and legendary producers.

Furniture Guerra Vanni is notable for its excellent quality, durability and practicality. They use only durable, ecological and safe materials – natural wood, glass, polyurethane foam, leather, textiles, metals. Style and quality are the result of research, passion and old experience in the field of furnishing. In the product catalogue of the company Guerra Vanni you will find furniture only in the most relevant and spectacular styles – glamorous, historic, classic. Her beauty emphasize luxurious finishes – such as gilding, lacquer – giving even more charm and luster.

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