TECNOLUMEN Germany Lead time 60 days

The company TECNOLUMEN was founded in 1980 in Bremen by Walter Schnepel. At first, the company produced only one lamp, the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp WA 24 that was originally designed by Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld at the Bauhaus in 1924. This particular lamp is also known by the name "Bauhaus Lamp" and today ranks among the design classics. The license for the production of re-editions of the Wagenfeld table lamp is only held by TECNOLUMEN in the whole world.

During the implementation of the Wagenfeld table lamp project, TECNOLUMEN had to catch up on the design developments, which were interrupted between 1930 and 1950. For this, a return to the beginnings of German product design was necessary. Thus TECNOLUMEN greatly concentrated on the Bauhaus style and made it its goal to manufacture other products based on this concept. For all Bauhaus concept manufactured products, the purpose, properties of the material and the manufacturing method are all very important. No other lamp reflects so much of the Bauhaus style as the Wagenfeld table lamp by TECNOLUMEN does. Wagenfeld's lamp is reduced to the essentials, has an excellent quality and a timeless design. TECNOLUMEN places these requirements on the product designs for today's designers.

In addition to the Wagenfeld table lamp TECNOLUMEN produces more design classics in the Bauhaus style. Over time, the product range TECNOLUMEN grew. TECNOLUMEN later made door handles and switches. The door handles were designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Walter Gropius, among others, in 1983. TECNOLUMEN made the switches in close cooperation with two reliable companies in 1988.

For more than 35 years the name TECNOLUMEN has stood for lamps with strong character and timeless design. This is what makes TECNOLUMEN unique worldwide. Decorative lamps, following the same functional design principle, round off the program. In the Bremen factory lamps and utensils are created that are already collectibles or have the potential to become so in the future. Precise craftsmanship, quality materials, individuality and staying true to the original make the TECNOLUMEN collection what it is: an exquisite design collection. Whether they are icons of historical design or contemporary designs: what all TECNOLUMEN products share is a stylistic design language that is always in demand, regardless of any trends. New products are only added to the assortment after they have met the strict design requirements.

TECNOLUMEN is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of products designed during the Bauhaus era. The company is well-known for the unflaggingly high quality of its products.