Galimberti Nino Italy Lead time 120 days

The beginning of the Galimberti Nino's activity dates back to 1885: the first generation, represented by Carlo Galimberti, works in brianzola shop with the handicraft production of living room and bedroom furniture; Carlo is an illuminated entrepreneur and he understands that to make a quality jump, he must have a catalogue and to have a shop in Milan.

The Galimberti Nino philosophy, the idea that moves all the projects and the collections is to combine elements of tradition in a contemporary context. In other words, to revisit the best elements related to woodworking Made in Brianza, a production area is known throughout the world, historically linked to the furniture for tradition, culture and quality.

The stylistic research Galimberti Nino, promoted by the collaboration with various designers coordinated by the internal design office, wants to identify new codes, new interpretations, new moods.

The furniture Galimberti Nino, one after another, have built an history of success and results, value and transparency. An Italian history between the world and Brianza.

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