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The eclectic artist Vittorio Zanaboni created in Meda, during the Sixties, the company that bears his name, which presented its first living rooms marked by an originality of approach stemming from the reinterpretation of the great classics of the past. The location is not random, because Meda, in the heart of Brianza, is the only place in the world where in such a confined space are concentrated many excellences and manual skills and specialisations for every particular type of manufacturing in the sector of high-end furniture. With this spirit and this attitude towards experimentation, the company has developed over the years and out of its research have emerged timeless collections that have become the point of reference for the classic furniture sector all over the world, present in some of the world’s most prestigious residences.

The Zababoni collection is now oriented in two clear directions: the Classical Collection for a home that sometimes has a touch of theatricality, a stage with a decisive vocation to evoking a classical atmosphere, and a Contemporary Collection, featuring longue and bedroom furnishings and accessories for a home that shies away from ostentation of its refinement, preferring to seduce with a vision of beauty of unprecedented personality.

The production of this factory is chosen by those, who like calmness, stability, high quality, who has a good taste. Wonderful lamps in combination with the furniture of Zanaboni add your interior some luxury and refinement, because the collection was made for this reason – not just to make happy the owners, but also to create the unique atmosphere, to inspire with its beauty and exclusivity!

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