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Golran's nomadic story began in 1898 in Mashad, Persia, with the trading and manufacture of carpets, emulating to some extent the destiny of the objects they produce: headquarters in Milan since 1968, production in Nepal from early 2000, art direction in Paris as of 2010, global marketing right from the outset.

Faithful to the brand’s Persian cultural roots, Golran has paved the way for contemporary carpets. Since the launch of its Carpet Reloaded collection in 2008, featuring an innovative process of decolouring and re-dyeing vintage carpets, Golran has brought out its own contemporary collections.

Carpets contain a multitude of secrets, which only time can reveal. There is the raw material, on which the final, enduring result depends, and the levels of depth and stability of the colouring that only the requisite experience can achieve. The skills needed to create the desired pattern makes every Golran carpet different and unique.

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