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Thirty years of passion and research have led Aldo Bernardi to create its own style, particular and "reassuring", that is easily recognised in the made in Italy indoor and outdoor lamps and its accessories, combining tradition and innovation. The firm distinguishes itself for a production where the characteristic craftsmanship of the product, entirely hand-finished and hand-decorated, reflects a manufacturing process typical of the area, the Asolo hills in Italy.

Aldo Bernardi Srl continues to produce in Italy , today as in the past, lamps and gift and fancy objects that evocate a past revisited and aligned with today’s needs and practicality, by proposing a wide range of chinaware and brass products for lighting, indoors and outdoors, a line of ceramic accessories for the home and material for stylish plant design. The Company’s main aim is to improve and perfect its own style, free from fashion and conventionality, offering a top-range product that blends tradition and technological innovation.

"Gli Ottoni" is a series of brass lamps manufactured in Italy according to tradition by Aldo Bernardi. Brass is an alloy composed mainly of copper and lead and, to a lesser degree, nickel-iron aluminum tin.

"Le ceramiche" is a series of ceramic lamps manufactured in Italy according to tradition by Aldo Bernardi. Ceramics is a fascinating art and rich in history; its working has evolved through time passing from hand working to the use of production accelerating advanced technologies. The result is an elegant product, sober and light, that only a process of this type can make possible.

With the new collections "ILLUSTRI" Aldo Bernardi returns to what was his point of departure, ceramics ... you know, the first love is never forgotten! Aldo Bernardi had fun trying and experimenting with new glazes, new finishes, new ceramic materials. The ancient art of ceramics proposed by Aldo Bernardi in these lines, keeps its undisputed craftsmanship, but contains the embryo for new research and new results.

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