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Seregno, Brianza: it’s the heart of the production of furniture Design distributed all over the world. Cavaliere Mario Barzaghi have always believed that the doors are much more than a functional element. They are part of the furnishing of an environment, giving it personality and life. For this reason, in 1975, he decided to bring Design and quality that have made this area famous, into the world of the doors. This is Effebiquattro.

Today the Italian trademark Effebiquattro is a market leader in the manufacture and design of interior doors. Throughout a period of 40 years the company has been developing and has established itself by its highquality products made by MDF and solid wood. It offers different models of doors which may satisfy each and every personal taste – ranging from classic-style to modern interior doors as well as hotel and fire-resistant ones. Taking into consideration that every model may be completed as a folding or sliding door it may definitely be asserted that the doors manufactured by DILA of Effebiquattro does offer the widest and most modern range of interior doors.

For Effebiquattro a door is not just the entrance of a room but also an element that decorates and provides a home with warmth. Their high quality and well-designed doors in wood and melamine are sold all over the world.

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