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The Mobilidea factory, a division of Medea, was formed with the aim of producing modern furniture. The centuries-old traditions of the Medea factory for the production of high-quality expensive furniture have become a solid foundation for the Mobilidea company, which specializes in the production of modern furniture collections.

The most refined and sophisticated trends - modern and art deco - were taken as the basis for the stylistics of Mobilidea products. Furniture and accessories for bedrooms, dining areas, dressers, desks, libraries and display cases - all products are made from valuable materials such as rosewood, oak, genuine leather, nickel, nubuck. For decoration, mirrors and delicate decorative details are used, made by hand by craftsmen - cabinetmakers. Experts sometimes call the style from Mobilidea "bourgeois", thus emphasizing the luxury and glamor of the collections, but they always notice the impeccable taste, sophistication and the highest quality of objects. One of the important advantages of the factory is an integrated approach to solving interior problems: in addition to furniture, customers are offered here a lot of accessories, lamps, as well as panels for wall decoration.

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