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Preciosa is the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal, primarily engaged in the production of cut beads, beads and other jewelery stones of the highest quality in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. The company is located in the town of Jablonec na Nis in North Bohemia, in a region with a century-old tradition of glass production.

In the town of Kamenitskiy enov, Preciosa produces pendant crystal chandeliers and modern decorative lamps. The company also supplies custom-made lighting fixtures for a wide variety of representative buildings such as theaters, hotels and exclusive palaces. The tradition of making chandeliers dates back to 1724.

The palaces of the French king Louis XV, the Austrian empress Maria Theresa and the Russian queen Elizabeth are among those to whom the original Czech lamps of Preciosa - Lustry gave the brilliance of perfection. Many buildings and interiors of the world, such as the La Scala opera in Milan, the Royal Opera in Rome or the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, could hardly radiate such splendor without Preciosa - Lustry crystal lamps.

And wherever Czech crystal chandeliers are found, they have become a decorative element of architecture, and not just a decoration of the room. By themselves, Preciosa - Lustry crystal lamps are able to create an impressive atmosphere for any interior, and also, thanks to the variety of models, these chandeliers are easy to adapt to any architectural style.

Crystal lamps Preciosa - Lustry serve as symbols of good taste, wealth and nobility, and are no less prestigious than expensive jewelry.

In addition to semi-finished products for jewelry and chandeliers, Preciosa supplies cubic zirconia stones for jewelry, exclusive jewelry, crystal figurines and gift items to many countries around the world.

Preciosa is your brilliant choice.

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