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In 1947 a group of technicians and among them Aldo Bai, Pio Reggiani, Carlo Barassi, coming from Pirelli and a young architect named Marco Zanuso began to experiment the use of foam rubber and elastic tapes for the furniture brand. Those first memorable moments in the history of Arflex coincide with the company's creation, in modest premises in Milan's Corso di Porta Vittoria. It was there that the first manufacturing and sales team was formed, but the Arflex company was only presented to the public for the first time in 1951, at the IX Triennale in Milan. The gold medal atthe IX Triennale assigned to Lady armchair was above all recognition of Arflex manufacturing philosophy.

The new Arflex productive plant of 35.000 sqm is situated in the new industrial area in Giussano. The project has been realized by Arch. Felice Capellini and Carlo Colombo and it consists of two parts: the bigger houses the production, warehouses, the prototypes and photo-shoot rooms; in the second part there are the spaces of showrooms and offices.

Permanent museum where Arflex products are exposed:
- MoMa in New York (Gaia, Lady);
- CPermanent collection The Chicago Athenaeum (Dune);
- Triennale in Milan (Fiorenza, Martingala, Strips, Delfino, Boborelax, Lady, Antropus, Bicia);
- Triennale in Tokyo permanent museum (Lady, Fiorenza);
- Museum of contemporary furniture in Ravenna (Lady, Martingala, Fiorenza, Antropus, Tripoltrona, T-line, Felix, Privè, O-line, Triennale, Strips, Bicia).

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