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Villa Lumi is a Portuguese decorative lighting company, with 70 years of experience. Villa Lumi offers an extensive range of chandeliers, ceiling, floor, wall and table lamps, as well as crystal candelabras. Villa Lumi works perfectly the prime materials such as crystal and brass in many different types of finishes, assuring the quality expressed in each detail.

Villa Lumi is a company that reflects luxury, a fusion of timelessness and new trends, which guarantee the maximum satisfaction of its customers and partners. Villa Lumi is synonymous of harmony between artisan and industrial production, bringing the functional product, object of artistic enjoyment. The quality and uniqueness of each collection are the glamour of lighting. Be inspired!

In addition to the brand's lamp collections, which can be customized, Villa Lumi developes and produces any custom or bespoke piece in partnership with their customers, reinforcing commitment to satisfy their needs and / or tastes.

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