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The Concrete Wall collection is the result of photographing raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even graffiti, in locations across Norway. The imagery used in this unique wallpaper is based on high-resolution photography and custom manipulation. No pattern is ever repeated, something that results in a very realistic finish.

Custom made Concrete Wall is a high-quality vinyl wallpaper and is always custom made to your precise requirements. The wallpaper is washable and UV-resistant and with good scratch resistance. Ca. 350 g/m² heavy PVC coated non-woven material. Can be installed with standard wallpaper tools and be applied with regular wallpaper paste ("Paste-the-wall"). Non-woven construction allows complete removal from substrate.

Depending on your personal wishes, the Concrete Wall wallpaper can be made either lighter or darker, or even add a specific colour tint. Also company can make rolls up to 125 cm (4,1’) in width and up to 25 m (82’) in length for easy installation.

Check out artist Zee Avi using company's no.15 in her new music video to her song "Concrete Wall".

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