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Lead Time: 60 days

The company Bizzirri srl produces ceramics for over 50 years, and exports all over the world his brand became synonymous with Made in Italy. The company, through Umbria Innovation has launched a collaboration with the laboratory of Science and Technology of Materials of the University of Perugia in Terni. Bizzirri is the ideal ceramics partner; from "one off" pieces to mass production of promotional objects, there are no limits to your requests.

Bizzirri is able to satisfy all its customers’ present-day needs thanks to its extraordinary versatility. Bizzirri, operating in 25 countries, comprises 4 factories located over the Umbria region, and is a leading producer of kitchenware, tableware and home furnishing ceramics. The group’s creative work process and international designers produce patterns and decorations for characteristically Italian-made ceramics, with total versatility in shape and pattern, and a production capacity of over one million pieces annually.

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