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Country: Italy flagItaly
Lead Time: 60 days

Since 1926 Berdondini produce and is a distributor of luxury furniture; infact Berdondini policy is based on 3 important factors: quality of materials, design and story.

The Antonio Berdondini srl staff is composed by experts in architectural projects and interior design. They design restaurants,hotels, houses and offices, in Italy and abroad.

All products and numbering produced in limited quantities – after the release of 100 copies article stops. Limited edition reflect the philosophy of the factory, has pledged its founder Antonio Berdondini, the essence of which – to do less, but better. After some time, the furniture will be antiques and every year will increase in value. The names of a few of his masterpieces factory owners Berdondini not disclose, justifying it by the fact that they are far too loud.

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