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Having an entrepreneurial mindset for BBB Illuminazione, a Piedmontese company with over forty years of experience in the business, is a true family vocation.

The idea, turned into a project and then transformed into a product 100% Made in Italy, is why BBB Illuminazione is a leading company in the lighting industry. From one generation to the next, BBB Illuminazione has become an acknowledged and consolidated name in the industry serving customers from a modern site located in Cascine Vica (Turin) offering lighting solutions in line with the international and domestic trends.

Meticulous care in selecting quality materials, discreet and refined elegance are the essential cornerstones in the BBB Illuminazione philosophy.

BBB Illuminazione, thanks to the capacity in providing bespoke lighting solutions (lighting fixtures made-to-order for customers in UAE), has become a leading supplier to the “hospitality industry" - hotels, public areas, pubs and restaurants.

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