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About 20 years the Belgian company Atlas Wallcoverings produces exclusive wallpapers and panels. Atlas Wallcoverings quickly gained popularity due to the high quality of its products and amazing design ideas. The basic idea of ​​each collection - conversion and transformation of the surroundings with the help of quality decorating the walls.

In the collections of Atlas Wallcoverings you will find wallpapers with reproductions of masterpieces of world classics and modern paintings, photographs of architectural monuments and beautiful landscapes, as well as 3D-geometric abstraction and imagination. Basically, it's vinyl options on non-woven backing. Such material lies perfectly on any wall and, if necessary, hide some crack. Variety of genres, patterns, textures, colors amazing customer Atlas Wallcoverings.

Not stopping there, the company Atlas Wallcoverings creates new masterpieces, delighting customers. Wallpapers Atlas Wallcoverings personify youth, modernity and movement. These paintings beautifully you complete your office, bedroom, nursery. Waterproof products allow to decorate the kitchen, hallway or bath.

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