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Alma de Luce is connected to memories, traditions, places, myths, legends and symbols. This brand is a great example of Portuguese Craftsmanship, they use noble materials and beautiful patterns to deliver furniture pieces with soul and unique identity. This brand is surprisingly interesting since they manage to create such sophisticated pieces of art that would look great in any luxury home.

One look at the exclusive furniture from Alma de Luce, and you can tell it’s from their repertoire that it’s luxury and unique! The beautiful designs from the brand are regal in appeal and the unique furniture crafted to suit any modern living spaces, strongly reflects the rich Portuguese culture. The brand creates majestic and soulful furniture that echoes the past, reminding one of old traditions, cultures, history, people, places, myths and legends through its exquisite craftsmanship.

The combination between some of the material’s shining intensity, and the pattern astonishing detail, will definitely produce an outstanding sense of wonder nearby, no matter where. Alma de Luce challenges the past through the design and craftsman in order to build strong cultural heritage giving them new life, creating new emotions and references. The pieces overwhelm in exclusivity and quality.

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