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News Egoluce: Projects | A Milanese flat

The entrance is the first space we approach in a home.
Architect Fiammetta De Menti's wish was to design a functional and well-lit space to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and, above all, for the owner.
Thanks to home automation, different scenarios were created to welcome the guest with an enveloping and 'embracing' light.

The flat has a wide entrance, open towards the other rooms.
The design choice was to place LED spotlights on the ceiling, with the intention of linking the rooms, "guiding" the guest with light towards the interior spaces.
The spotlights chosen to light the entrance in a diffuse manner are our Star.
The spotlights chosen to light the entrance in a diffuse manner are our Star. This type of lighting is ideal for carrying out everyday functions on the way out and back in: picking up and putting down keys and coats, perhaps storing bags, accessories and briefcases in the different furnishings.
Accompanying the spotlight illumination is the softer light of our Moonlight lamp, perfect for welcoming guests in the evening, performing functions of passage and company.

To the right of the entrance, there is a large living room that also serves as a dining room. A custom-made petrol-green piece of furniture characterises the space.
Next to the sofa, our Ci biemission wall lamp provides suitable lighting for reading.

The bathrooms were designed and furnished with simple, sober lines and neutral colours: in the grey range in the case of the service bathroom and in the beige range with a black accent provided by the marble in the bathroom of the master bedroom.

Design details and black fittings add character to the spaces.

Accent lighting emphasises the details, as in the case of the wall niches.
In the shower, our Zeppelin RGB spotlights were chosen to promote the benefits of colour therapy. 

In the bathroom of the master room, there are two main types of light: above the mirror, in the area where the brightness needs to be more accentuated to facilitate shaving or make-up, our Tappo spotlights have been positioned, while a softer, more diffuse light has been chosen for the general lighting.

A minimalist furniture style was chosen for the kitchen with colours in the white range to further accentuate the brightness provided by the natural light coming through the window. 
For the lighting of the snack floor, open and flexible systems were chosen to follow the requirements of the area: the architect's design objective was to design the space with light.
 The choice was our Newton system: seamless suspension system that allows corners to be followed in all three dimensions.

In the bedroom, whose most distinctive element is the blue wall, several interesting lighting systems have been adopted.
For the spot lighting of the bedside tables, our Stick suspension system, was chosen in the black and gold finishes.
Out two recessed orientable spotlights Newton Easy the bed.

Here, we find our Moonlight again, this time installed on the ceiling and with a white finish, providing a soft, diffuse illumination of the room.