OUO - No kidding... it’s an egg turned into an chair! A striking oval design proposed in a new and original way: a graphic transposition of a chair whose compact and totemic form reveals a sudden and surprising place to sit that looks like it has been carved from a monolith. Comfortable and cozy, OUO encloses and protects.
It can adapt to any setting with a touch of distinct personality: It can be the star in the living room, serve as a refuge in the office of the house, or show off in a beautiful kitchen, in a welcoming foyer, or even a workout room. It is even at ease in other locations, like around conference tables or in waiting rooms. Exclusive and simple at the same time, versatile and handy, OUO is made of fire-retardant, polyurethane foam and can be dressed in a thousand different shells!.

L/W 60 P/D 61 H 79 Hs 45 cm.



OUO by Adrenalina
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