One of Legnoform’s greatest displays of creativity and style. A real trade mark, the crème de la crème of rich and skilful craftsmanship which oozes wood culture. Starting with ivory lacquering, carried out solely by brush strokes that create unrepeatable tone finishes, and finishing off with the application of transparent acrylic varnish, in honour of the masterly art of creating everlasting results.

Gold profile
The old nobility of gold, the charm of rich workmanship which celebrates Legnoform’s craftmanship.
This has a magnificent knock-on effect, enhancing the glamour, setting a thread of emotion in the soundness of tradition.

Classicism, new interpretations of a style rooted in the art that has created reference models.
The Veneziana fi nish is enriched by fi ne ornamental decors, magnificent in their formal simplicity.

The Veneziana finish is enriched by a touch of distinctive tone by applying colour on the panel’s platband.
The transparent acrylic varnish, applied at the end of the process, will protect the uniqueness of the lacquering.


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