A collection of recessed and ceiling lamps in two shapes, with a matt white painted die-cast aluminium fixture and a satin finish polycarbonate diffuser. Eclipse is the ideal combination of two light sources, with a unique and innovative 3-way driver, easily controlled with a switch, or available in a standard ON-OFF version. The first version is operated with an SMD switch for indirect lighting, with a COB for direct lighting, and an SMD+COB for total lighting. The second version, instead, offers a single solution with SMD+COB for total lighting. Eclipse makes a statement with its elegant appearance, smooth design, and smart and innovative control function.The lamp is controlled by a single switch, the type of illumination changes with each ignition cycle. STEP 1 (SMD) - STEP 2 (COB) - STEP 3 (SMD + COB)Leaving the lamp off, for a longer period, to its restart always starts from STEP 1. LED - 3000K - CRI>80 - 100-240V CE IP20 / LED on off version - 3000K - CRI>80 - 100-240V CE IP20

Die cast aluminium ceiling lamp

Die Cast Aluminium

Federico de Majo


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