BOMB - Wooden and metal structure padded with polyurethane foam and fiberfill. Very stretch fabrics can only be used for this item due to its special shape. Domingo Salotti reserves the right to test and eventually exclude those fabrics that may not be suitable for this item. Cones in satinized aluminium.
is the other side of the coin; an opportunity for reflection, with its burden of unanswered questions. Its “explosive” design is inspired by an implement of destruction only to stimulate thoughts of peace, projected into real life - respect, responsibility and the desire to placate violence and abuse and put an end to the many conflicts that surround us. Every BOMB is entrusted with a special task: its function as a chair is a pretext and an opportunity to reflect on the eternal drama of war, hoping that life shall always win out in every case.

L/W 147 P/D 120 H 98 Hs 45 cm.


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