Riva Mobili d′Arte Italy Lead time 60 days

Riva Mobili D’Arte has been founded more than 50 years ago by Felice Riva; in a small workshop, where complements of fine furniture were created with determination and the help of only few wood carving tools. With continuously commitments and a market that kept on being more exigent, Riva Mobili D’Arte expanded more and more the structure of his workshop, dedicating his production to a standard production for big privates’ projects, hotels, jots, and important public representative offices.

The family is a place of dedication and passion without half measures. For this reason it is also the laboratory where the dreams are born and transform into a project. A company is a family hold together by the passion of work and by the research study of new products. Francesco and Fabiana Riva founded the company Riva Mobili D’Arte SRL, working side by side with their father continuing to create exclusive collections of furniture in high quality.

All working phases are carried out very carefully, using material of high quality and guaranteeing the final precious product. At the end of the production circle, every single piece will be inspected very carefully by their artisans that authorized a certificate of control only if the piece is in perfect condition and ready to load.

The Collections of Riva Mobili D’Arte: Direttorio, Old Classic, Hermitage, Raffles, Dolly and Giardino Italiano. The production of the collections is carried out by artisans inside their factory that extends on a surface of 5000 square meters and develops all production process. Every single artisan takes the responsibility of his duty that he carries out with techniques passed over generations.

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