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The MobilPiu company was founded in 1966, when Italo Vagnini began producing furniture for the home. Thanks to the great passion and love all craftsmen have for their work, over the years Italo Vagnini grew his business and began to produce furniture of fine design and quality. The company is now in the hands of the second generation: Massimiliano and Giacomo, aided by the constant presence of their father Italo, work with exactly the same passion and enthusiasm to increase the firm’s already impressive technical know-how, with consulting and input from the best architects and interior designers from Italy and abroad.

All production processes and finishing of the MobilPiu furniture are carried out strictly by artisan methods, in faith with the tradition of master cabinet makers and gilders. Versatile and technologically up-to-date, the company offers numerous models diversified by type, to satisfy all furnishing requirements. The products are designed by architects and designers of great proven experience. Their unique and original models are protected by a registered patent.

From classic to modern, and contemporary art deco, the MobilPiu production ranges between bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms in different finishes, embellished by craftsmanship of ancient origin such as gold leaf and silver, for the classical furniture, and the use of simple yet striking lines for pieces in modern style..

Italian furniture factory MobilPiu is the best choice and first-class quality. All products are made of high quality wood and luxury finishing materials. Another modern element in the manufacture of furniture is the use of the latest developments in sliding systems and accessories.

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