Itama Italy Lead time 60 days

The Itama factory is located in Trevico, Italy. Itama specializes in indoor lighting. The assortment of the factory is represented by the following collections: io, noir, cover, mimesis, maya mignon, sinfonia, charme, miraggio, bouquet.

The Light4 group of companies has been representing the Itama trademark since 2011. The concern now includes four lighting factories: Vintage, Façon de Venise, ML and Itama. The Italian concern Light4 is a few factories that produce decorative and technical lamps for private and public interiors. More recently, the companies Vintage, Façon de Venise and ML have added another one - Itama. The products of the latter are the result of the creative activity of the designer Massimo Tonetto.

Itama luminaires are known for their high quality and original design. Joining the Itama brand to the Light4 group is a guarantee of strengthening and future growth of the group's position in the architectural and technical lighting market.

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