Edone - Agora Group Italy Lead time 60 days

Edone is the prestigious brand of Agora Group Srl, located in Sacile, on the surrounding of Pordenone, it belongs to the "Furniture district ASDI" in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, an area where it is located one of the most important industrial confluence for furniture and wood production of Italy.

Edone always carefully searching for high quality standards, for the best raw materials, for the constant innovation of the whole production cycle, has decided to be a totally "made in Italy" oriented company. In fact, Edoné products are completely designed, created and realized inside the company allowing the control of all the production phases: consequently, it is possible to grant an high quality level and an entire customization of final product too.

The main characteristics of Edone design is represented by modular dimensions, extreme personalisation, handmade production, durability together with respect for man and environment.

The choice of the company to meet an anthropocentric vision has allowed in these years the specialization on a modular and more sophisticated design: a kind of totally customizable decor to satisfy each request.

That’s why all the collections of Edone have been designed basing on modular and are available in 330 different finishing besides 110 model of plans and washbasins, to let the customer create his own bathroom in a original and unique way.

The company add to this research an ergonomic study, granting a realization which could be functional too.

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